Friesian horses

The purchase of a Friesian horse

When you decide you would like to purchase a Friesian horse a number of matters are important. Perhaps most important is the purpose for which you are purchasing the horse. This can vary from sporthorses for dressage or the carriage.  Always take care that the horse has a valid passport and studbook certificate.

We are happy to be of service to help you get the right horse. Through our cooperation with the KFPS we are well aware of the qualities of the Friesian Horse.

De Koninklijke vereniging ‘Het Friesch Paardenstamboek’ (KFPS) has registered Friesian horses since 1879. The Frisian horse. The KFPS. is the oldest and second largest studbook in the Netherlands. Above all the KFPS is officially recognized as the origin of the Frisian studbook around the whole world. WB Stables  has closed a deal with the KFPS to train the Frisian horses for the ABFP-test. The horses will be trained and prepared at our compagny for the required tests.

For the homing of the Frisian Horses there is a separate stable present which is only accessed by employees and by owners of the horses. The stable is equipped with 35 large, extra high stables, washing and saddling area which will be used only for the Frisian horses. To train the horses in an nice environment there is a section of the indoor arena reserved until 1300 to train the horses without disturbance. A fixed team has been set up that is responsible for the training, health and maintenance of the horses. The facilities used are that of a covered horse walker and lunging arena. When training with the cart there is a large 400 meters long galloping arena to their availability.

Next to the several days of preliminary tests (ABFP) with middle and end judgments and IBOP tests, we organize also events. Around the indoor arena there is a walking area which allows you to have a good view of the horses in the arena. From the vip heated vip lounges you can enjoy from a quick bite and drink together with a great view onto the indoor arena. Your own Frisian horse is more than welcome for the training under saddle or with cart, prepared for approval tests and participate in them.